Three Tips for Maintaining Indian-Styled Extension Hair

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Indian hair is known for its exceptional beauty and naturalism. It is highly sought after in fashion circles, and women will take special care to find the right Indian weaves and extensions from the right outlet. But, once they have it, they need to maintain it properly. Below are three universal tips for caring for and treating Indian hair so it retains that seamless natural look for as long as possible.


It is not generally advised to color indian hair. The natural strands and subtle range of colors within a single weave are pure. Messing around with the coloration could diminish the natural effects. It is possible, and many do it. Thankfully, the natural Indian hair can handle coloring because the hair itself has never been chemically treated. The coloring will not react with any chemicals that have been added for preservation or cosmetic purposes. Some brands do use color treatment, so it is smart to discover what providers do and what providers do not. This is especially so for women who are interested in coloring. It is extremely vital to remember that coloring will not make the hair virgin anymore.

Morning Treatment and Brushing

Brushing is, of course, recommended. The brushing should consist of broad strokes that begin at the end and move towards the scalp. This is the opposite of traditional brushing. Brushing from the scalp and down will add extra pressure to the extensions. This will cause them to pull harder, and potentially fall out faster than necessary. Brushing should also be done moderately. Morning brushes are regular, and afternoon brushes are often advised. Anything else may be excessive, and evening brushes should be minimized. But, the more important part of evening care has to do with how wet it is. An evening brush is okay, and not nearly as damaging to the extensions as going to bed with damp or wet hair. Also, indian hair oil will help preserve the extensions.

Above are some well-understood tips about maintaining Indian hair for women who have never had them before. Indian hair is famous for its natural shine, and that is being followed by fashion enthusiasts all across the world.